You’re a writer, but you’re not writing. Does that sound like you? Or you’ve always wanted to write ‘one day’?

You’re exactly the kind of person I’ve developed Write Now to help.

Write Now is an intensive program that starts from wherever you are, providing real support, feedback and encouragement.

Together we’ll clear your obstacles, discover your best ways of working and get you producing the kind of writing you’ll be amazed to realise has been inside you all along.

This program is for you if you:

  • have trouble admitting that you want to write, or had bad experiences in the past
  • keep promising yourself you’ll make time to write, but you’re still not doing it
  • want to find your unique writing voice
  • aren’t sure what kind of writing you want to try – or even what’s possible
  • want your writing to be fun, without pressure.

Results you can enjoy:

  • writing every single day, even when you think it’s impossible
  • trying different kinds of writing you’d possibly never considered – potentially finding some new talents
  • tricks to cleverly work around your inbuilt resistances and criticisms (everyone has them)
  • trying a range of different writing tools so you can uncover all kinds of options that help you to trigger, organise and rearrange your work
  • having fun with words and ideas
  • finding your voice
  • really owning the name, ‘writer’
  • working up a keen appetite to keep on writing.
Intensive editing/creative co-conspiratorial service

Sometimes you need some uncompromisingly positive and honest help with a writing project.

Do you have a big writing project you’ve been dreaming about? Or one that’s stalled? Or do you know someone who’s always wanted to write and has been waiting for that ‘one day’ that never comes? I offer intensive and fully supported coaching and editing and cheering services to a limited number of people each year.

If you have something you’re avoiding or stuck with, let’s talk about whether we’d be fruitful creative co-conspirators. Email me: