Some people refer to ‘getting their colours done’ when I talk about doing a colour consultation. What actually happens is more consensual and collaborative –  I’m not ‘doing’ anything to you. Rather, we look at lots of different colour swatches held near your face to find the kinds of colours that make you look your best.

The Absolute Colour System I use has 18 different palettes or types (rather than the old four-seasonal system you might have heard of). Every palette contains a selection of colours with similar qualities – warmth/coolness, lightness/darkness, brightness/smokiness. Those qualities are what allow you to easily mix and match between the colours in any given palette.

fabric in different colours - used to drape a person to see which look the best with their complexion
These are four of the eighteen different fabric drapes I use to narrow down your best colour palette.

The draping process is one of looking, seeing and elimination, to narrow down the colours that make your skin, hair and eyes look naturally amazing.

Colourful cards, fanned out.

See for yourself which colours appear too bright or too dull, and which ones are just right. The end result is a fabulous swatch of 50–60 colours you can use when you shop, like the ones shown here. Take this with you when you shop so you can find the colours that make you look your best with or without makeup.

I’ll talk about how to use your swatch in an upcoming post.

Want to get your colours done?

I live and work in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia – if you live her or are planning a trip, please get in touch with me to arrange a two hour colour consultation.

What happens when you ‘get your colours done’?