I’ve always got a couple of side projects going on. I love learning new things. These are projects I’m either still working on, or I’ve finished, or I’ve finished for now.

You don’t need permission to start your own projects, learn a new skill, start writing or interviewing people … Make things. Have ideas.

Logo for the Flirting project. A pink box containing an off-centre grey box, containing the words Flirting.


I’ve been conducting interviews with people on the subject of Flirting. If you’d like to take part of this project, you can answer questions on my online interview form and tell me your thoughts.

Lost Rocks project

I’ve been editing manuscripts for the Lost Rocks project since 2017. I love seeing all the ways different writers ‘recompose’ their rocks into text and sometimes images. It’s such a buzz to work on this with prolific artists Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward.

My background as a geologist and editor made me doubly interested in this project.

Lost Rocks is an ambitious, slow-publishing artwork – a library of forty books, four books published twice yearly for the next five years.

Creating a travel journal

I often find it hard to remember things from trips because I get overloaded with new experiences. On a recent trip I decided to combine two things: the desire to remember the experience and to make drawing part of my life. I decided to draw a picture a day while I was away. This forced myself to stop and pay attention to something, no matter how small.

I gave myself some constraints. Here’s a picture of my portable drawing kit: cheap watercolour pencils, a black fineliner pen, a small notebook and an ingenious paintbrush that stores water in its barrel. An ordinary brush would have been fine. I made a little elastic holster for them that held my notebook closed.

These are some of my pages of writing and drawing and sticking-in.

I wrote a book – Shooting From The Lip

Shooting from the lip is a collection of personal essays I wrote to contribute to The People’s Library project in 2018. This was an experiment in a new way of writing – each day I wrote for 20 minutes and then emailed it to a fellow writer, forcing me to overcome the inevitable, ‘This is TRIPE!’ feeling that comes over me after I write.

If you’d like to try writing in a new way, or for the first time, check out my Write Now program using the button below.