Do you envy those people who always look effortlessly put-together? Do you want to have a memorable personal presence so you’re seen and taken seriously?

I’ll help you to use the rules of design to develop your own low-maintenance style and, as a huge bonus, to drop any body-related negativity.

Your concept of seeing myself as a piece of design has helped me take a different approach to my body as it is now and be less self-critical.

J M., Hobart.

Online colour analysis – shine in your best colours

Find your best colours (‘get your colours done’) with a personal online colour consultation. I’ll identify which colours work for you (and why) and how to use them.

  • email me photographs (all instructions will be provided) and I’ll identify the colours that work beautifully with your natural colouring – including your very best ‘signature’ colours
  • receive your own full colour swatch of 50+ colours (valued at AUD$85) in the post – this is part of the Absolute Colour System, which has 18 different palettes to ensure a nuanced analysis
  • receive a comprehensive information booklet on how to use your swatch to create a wardrobe of mix-and-match clothes
  • book an online chat with me to answer your questions
  • receive follow-up emails that links you to resources and information so you can keep learning
  • bonus: six months access to Stylist In Your Pocket –  my service that allows you to ask my opinion on anything you’re thinking of buying or anything colour-related.

I’m currently only working with clients in Australia as part of this process involves sending things through the post. Please email me if you’re in another country and we’ll work out whether I can help you or if there’s another colour consultant who lives nearer to you: suzy@suzycooper.com.au

Get started as soon as you make your payment of AUD$385 using the button below.

Colour and style – discover your own kind of cool

Find your own kind of cool. This package gives you a Colour Consultation plus a supported series of steps that use colour theory and design thinking* to identify elements within your features, body shape, proportions and personality. Learn to dress so that your appearance reflects who you are as a person.

  • get my advice on your face shape, body shape and proportions
  • learn how to choose flattering hairstyles, glasses shapes, size of jewellery, size and density of patterns, hat shapes and more
  • develop a style mood board to identify your style personality so you can evolve it over time
  • learn how to make a capsule wardrobe you’ll actually wear
  • book an online chat to answer your questions
  • receive follow-up emails that links you to resources and info to extend your learning
  • bonus 1: discover the period of art in which your body type was most celebrated
  • bonus 2: get six months access to Stylist In Your Pocket – my service that allows you to ask my opinion on anything you’re thinking of buying or anything style-related
  • bonus 3: you can hereafter happily ignore advice given in books or articles with titles like: Dress Like a French Girl or Four Essential Pieces Every Man Needs in his Wardrobe etc.

You’ll get self-paced information plus you can chat to me any time by email. We’ll also have a one-on-one video call session.

Have fun, learn a lot about design and switch off your inner critic while working out the elements of your personal style so you can put together outfits with confidence.

Book a free 20 minute chat with me by clicking the button below or book now and start preparing for your colour consultation immediately.

Personal branding – build a comfortable and credible brand based on your personality and natural features

Are you the face of your business? I can help you to burnish your personal branding while looking and sounding natural, credible, approachable and professional.

Colour and personal style: I’ll find your stunning personal colour palette based on your natural colouring. You can use your signature colours for your clothing and accessories, in your branding, for your head-shots …  wherever you like. Some people even choose office furnishings in their colours. I’ll also help you to develop a personal style of fabulous clothes and accessories that fit your work-life.

Words: I can help you to find your voice in all your written material, so your online profiles, web copy and bios sound like you.

Presentation: My coaching services will allow you to gain confidence in your speech-writing and speaking skills, to use humour and to make connections quickly with other people.

I’ll share tips and tricks from my experience as a professional communicator, stand-up comedian, speaker and politician.

Tailored and confidential service. Talk to me and I’ll give you a plan and a price. These services start at AUD$1697 + GST.

Book a free 20 minute chat with me if you’d like to know more about how we might work together. It’s obligation free and I’ll happily give you some tips on your branding.

*What do I mean by design thinking?

Design concepts include colour, shape, repetition, texture, scale, balance, harmony and contrast. I’ll show you how to look at yourself and see elements of design. Learning to see yourself objectively not only switches off your inner critic, but it also allows you to dress so your appearance communicates effectively. That might mean fitting in, standing out, encouraging collaboration, inviting creativity …

Regardless of whether you like to wear traditionally feminine or masculine clothes, or both, or neither, design thinking can help you to show up looking like your best self.

You’ll find that your new knowledge spills over into other aspects of your life too. The elements of design are everywhere.

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