We don’t always choose change, but it happens anyway.

I want to help you to reinvent yourself in a way that feels good and true for you – using your best traits and recombining your skills and interests.

These are the ways we can work together (this is the summary – each option has lots more information on its own page):

  • Guidebook To Yourself – we’ll work together to take your bearings and discover what makes you your best self. During our sessions I’ll listen, ask questions, then reflect back what you’re saying in a new way – as a handmade guidebook to yourself. AUD$770 (inc GST)
  • Change, Your Way – a complete, supported change experience, helping you to reinvent yourself and go out and and try what you’ve learned – Steps 1, 2 and 3 plus two bonus options AUD$4400 (inc GST)

Guidebook To Yourself

Are you ready to get clear about what makes you your best self? If so, then the Guidebook To Yourself is for you. It’s also the starting point for my other program, Change, Your Way.

The Guidebook To Yourself is the result of one-on-one Skype sessions, email exchanges and a series of exercises I’ll choose just for you. This handmade manual will show you your best self, your energy sources and sappers and the values that drive you, so you can create and pursue choices you might never previously have considered. Knowing yourself – and having my enthusiastic and genuine encouragement – can unlock feelings of stuckness and take away the guilt or second-guessing that goes along with choosing to live a valuable life.

Change, Your Way – the whole shebang

Step 2: remix your skills and interests, find your voice and your people and discover your path
step 3: apply your new understanding and focus to a challenge and set forth

If you’re keen to know yourself, to work out how to remix your skills and abilities so they can fit any industry, to find your distinct voice and a welcoming tribe, then Change, Your Way is for you.  It contains all three steps, beginning with the popular Step 1, which results in a bespoke Guidebook To Yourself.