“Clients keep mistaking me for a student! How can I look professional and credible with minimal effort?”

My client C, an expert in her field, wanted:

  • comfort
  • to look professional
  • to be taken seriously

… all with minimal effort. She wants to get up, get dressed and get on with here day. Zero fuss.

She put it best when she said: ‘I don’t care what I wear and I resent having to spend time thinking about it. However, I know it affects how seriously people take me at work.’

‘Tell me what to wear and how to wear it. Make sure it’s comfortable and I’ll be happy,’ she said.

After we found C her very best colours (shown below), picked ones she liked and looked at garments she already owns, we assembled a comfortable mix-and-match capsule of basics and patterns and added colour and interest with earrings and scarves. Nothing fussy.

Her Elegant palette, which is cool, slightly dark and slightly muted, gives her examples of more than 50 colours that will work together.

C. looks vibrant and healthy by wearing her best colours near her face. We also found her a coloured lip balm and tinted moisturiser for times when she wants to or needs to look a little more polished.

Do you want to improve your style with minimal effort? Read more about the process here. Or click here to organise a free online 20 minute chat.

Client file: Look professional with minimal effort
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