Numeral one. Image of an armchair and a compass and the words Take Your Bearings.

Get unstuck with a guidebook to yourself.

Take your bearings with some sessions with me: Suzy, the Mistress of Reinvention. We’ll have some fun, insightful conversations and I’ll create you a personalised guidebook that helps you to see what makes you your best self.

We’ll chat via Skype so I can ask you questions I’ll tailor just for you. I’ll send you some thought-provoking questions between our sessions and then collect and verify what you tell me. Our sessions will be more like conversations than interviews. I’ll gather your insights into a guidebook that I’ll make and post to you. Other people’s guidebooks have looked something like this:

Two hand-bound books

Who does this and why?

People work with me when they’re going through some change, either willingly or not. They often come for work reasons: feeling stuck in a job they hate, or they’re retiring or hoping to follow their heart but fearing it’s a fickle or foolish heart.

This is for you if you want some warm, honest, and no-nonsense help to take stock and be honest with yourself about what you’re really good at, what you truly value and practical ways to generate energy the energy to do what you want.

Maybe you feel lost in your life, you’re worried you’re fading and losing your vitality, or you want to start something new and you’re scared you’re kidding yourself. Whatever their situation, everyone is scared that changing might mean having to become someone they’re not.

I’ve worked with introverts and extroverts, people at mid-career and people whose life has changed abruptly. I adapt and choose from my tools to suit whoever I’m working with. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in this approach.

You don’t have to become a different person to get unstuck. You don’t need to make radical changes. I’ll help you to work out how to be more yourself now and every time you need to change in the future.

What will I get?

You’ll get your own handbook to yourself.

You’ll also get my support, enthusiasm and personal experience of 18 years of personal reinvention. I’ll choose ideas and resources that I think will work best for you and the ways you like to be in the world. Our conversations, emails and your responses to questions I send to you will shift your perspective of yourself. I’ll do the part where most people fall down when they try to follow self-help books – I’ll listen between your words to extract the essence of what you’re saying. This will go into your guidebook. I’ll give you succinct descriptions of your values, your strengths, your energy sappers and boosters and the essential things you need to include in your life to feel like the best version of yourself.

At the end of this process we’ll have identified what makes you your best self, described your basic traits, identified the things that replenish or drain your energy and become aware of your warning signs when you’re not doing so well. You’ll also have developed a plan of the things you need to include in your life, and how often you plan to do them, so you can lead a life you value.

These will all be summarised in your handmade guidebook.

How does the process work?

Hi there. I’m Suzy. We’ll chat by Skype and exchange emails.

Basically this works by us chatting via Skype and me sending you things to work on and think about between our sessions. There’s more detail below.

If we both think we’ll be a good fit, we’ll schedule an additional two Skype conversations two weeks apart. Between sessions I’ll email you links and information for you to work on or think about. I’ll give you perspectives and provocations to help you to think in new directions. I listen between your words to reflect back to you what you’ve told me, finding patterns in what you say and showing you your best self. You validate this – we investigate anything you want to adjust or pursue further – then I create and post you a manual that summarises what we’ve learned during our sessions.

Session 1: complimentary session to help you to get unstuck

In this free, no-obligation Skype conversation I’ll help you to get clear about what’s making you feel stuck. We’ll get to know each other and decide whether we’ll enjoy working together.

Session 2: The traveller

This is a meaty session. We’ll look at your attributes and tendencies, work out what lights you up, what drains you, and what your ideal operating conditions are.

Session 3: The territory

We’ll get clear about your advantages, your limits, your opportunities and, importantly, the elements you need to feel like your life is connected and meaningful – your deep values. Choices are easier to make once you know these things – you can identify common patterns you don’t want to repeat, and you can seek and recognise new opportunities that really fit you.

Your guidebook to yourself gives you a way to set your personal bearings towards a life filled with conscious choices.

How much does it cost?

AUD$770 (inc GST for Australian clients)

What are the next steps if I want to apply what I’ve learned in my guidebook?

Step 2: remix your skills and interests, find your voice and your people and discover your path

The next steps build on the guidebook to yourself. We work together one-on-one to Discover Your Path. This involves identifing and remixing your skills, helping you to find your voice (so you look and sound like your best self) and finding your tribe (the people who’ll ‘get’ you).

step 3: apply your new understanding and focus to a challenge and set forth

You’ll then Set Off to try one of your ideas in a low-stress, high-payoff kind of way. I’ll keep you company through this process.

We work through all three steps during my Change, Your Way sessions.