Reinvent yourself in full colour. Get your colours done to find which of my 18 palettes works with your natural colouring and features to make you look healthy and energised, with or without makeup. A personal draping session will show you how to  look like your best self, with minimal effort.

Show up as your best self and be seen and heard

Your appearance says volumes before you open your mouth to speak. What are your clothes telling the world about you? Are you dressing for yourself? For work? To stand out? Fit in? Let’s find your the colours that make you look like the best version of yourself. You can use your palette to find clothes or makeup or choose a hair colour or find accessories …

I’d love to help you to feel terrific about yourself, whether you enjoy dressing up, or are low-key and want to look put-together with little effort. Use colour to develop a powerful personal presence.

two fanned-out colour palettes alongside eyeshadow colours

How does it work?

I’ll ‘do’ your colours in a personal session. I’m based in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia), so see most of my clients here, but I can see clients elsewhere by arrangement.

In our two hours together I’ll drape you with different coloured fabric swatches so we can see which ones look best with your eyes, skin and hair – the ones that light you up. The system I use is based on the Munsell colour system and it contains 18 different palettes. At the end of our two hour consultation you’ll get a customised swatch palette you can carry with you, with your signature colours tagged, and advice about hair and makeup. You can also send me questions or text me pictures of anything you have questions about after our session.

Packages available

  • Colour consultation$380 (inc GST)
    • Pre-session Skype or phone call to get acquainted
    • A draping session with lots of laughs – finding your colour palette from within the absolute colour system* of 18 different variations
    • Your own swatch of gorgeous colours that go together and making shopping trips simpler. The swatch contains 50–60 coloured cards you can use to identify thousands of flattering colours
    • Your special va-va-voom signature colours that light you up. These will be your secret weapons in fabulosity
    • Sketch-notes to refer back to later – providing simple guidelines to help you choose the colours of your sunglasses, earrings, jackets, shoes etc without making expensive mistakes
    • Insight into ways to use design principles to create your best looks by repeating the highlighting the colour, contrast and shapes in your features
    • Identify your best hair colour options if you dye it
    • A make-up update: we’ll look at your existing make-up to see what’s working and what’s not
    • Two months follow-up period in which you can send texts or emails and check on anything you’re worried about.
  • Customised colour and wardrobe redesign – $800 (inc GST)
    • Full colour consultation (everything listed above) + a free make-up palette of eyeshadows + a photo of you in your best colours plus your choice of one of the following:
      • Wardrobe overhaul to leave you with items you love, that look good, and that you know how to combine
      • Op-shopping trip to teach you how to use your swatch, and find you some terrific new items without breaking the bank
  • Career update $1200 (inc GST)
    • Full colour consultation + free palette of gorgeous eyeshadows + headshot + choice of one of the options from the customised colour and wardrobe redesign
    • CV and online profiles redesigned and rewritten so they are stylish, current and sound like you
    • 6 months of unlimited texts or calls to check on anything colour- or style-related.
  • * The Absolute Colour System uses Munsell colour theory, and was developed by Imogen Lamport and Clare Maxfield. It has 18 colour groups, 9 warm and 9 cool that work with all skin tones.