I teach people to find their voice with writing and/or with sketch-noting (a combination of sketching and writing). If you’re a non-writer or non-drawer, relax: I’ll help you to find easy and effective ways to get words and drawings on the page (and feel happy with them).


Learn my simple sketching+writing method to record your thoughts and feelings in your own sketch journal. Learn design skills effortlessly as you develop your own style using simple, portable materials (journal, pen, watercolour pencils and nifty waterbrush).

You can’t mess this up. Bonus: I’ll teach you how to evade your inner critic.

As part of your lesson you’ll get:

  • quality materials (portable journal you won’t be scared to use, waterproof pen, watercolour pencils and a nifty waterbrush)
  • warm, clear, encouraging tuition
  • helpful follow-up notes you can use to keep learning after the class
  • access to a supportive, private Facebook group
  • the chance to ask me any questions in a follow-up call and in emails.

Here are sketch-notes some beginning students produced after a single lesson:

Here’s a sample from one of my travel journals showing how I record my thoughts and feelings about a place, combining writing and simple sketches:

travel journal with words and pictures about Prague


I coach writers or aspiring writers to find their voice, to try a range of ways of working, choose writing and editing tools, develop confidence and finish some work they’re happy with. I’ll be cheery, and encouraging while giving you clear, honest feedback and direction.

I’ve coached people to get started with writing in a small way, and to finish entire novels.

Kick-start your writing: AUD$850 – four private video call sessions, with emailed materials and ongoing support to help you to find your voice with some tailored writing assignments and feedback. Scheduled to suit you (most students do this over four weeks).

I take my own advice and challenge myself to keep making new work. Here is my collection of personal essays: Shooting From The Lip.
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