Change, Your Way is a complete, supported change experience, helping you to reinvent yourself and go out and and try what you’ve learned. It includes Steps 1, 2 and 3 plus two bonus options AUD$4400 (inc GST) and works like this:

  • Free initial Skype session to identify your stuck points
  • Seven intensive one-on-one Skype sessions scheduled to suit you
  • Practical (and humorous) guides to expand on our sessions, showing you how to: Self-promote without squirming or sounding fake, How to talk to anyone, and Look better with little effort (the lazy/busy person’s guide)
  • Emailed materials and conversations
  • Surprises in the post.

This program includes your choice of two of the following bonus options (value $800):

  • Burnish your profiles. I will update four of your bios, social media, dating or other profiles – wordsmithing and buffing them until they shine. You’ll sound so good you’ll want to employ/collaborate with/ date yourself.
  • Look better by design. Get a personalised image overhaul (I’ll be gentle, I promise) to make the best of your appearance. Understand how to look more fabulous right now by knowing how to apply design principles to your specific body shape and colouring, get tips for easy ways to look more stylish, along with a written guide to make clothing and makeup shopping easier.
  • Write more easily and more effectively. Get my lively and practical Write Now guide to invigorate and speed-up your writing. We’ll also spend two intensive Skype sessions + two email sessions working on one of your live writing projects so you can see how to apply the Write Now guide using your own style. (For business writing or personal writing projects, including getting started when you think you have a book in you.)
  • Creativity unchained. Learn how ‘creative people’* get ideas, expand on them and use them to trigger new options. Tips and tricks from almost two decades of coming up with ideas in a huge range of different industries from large corporations (yes, they need creativity too) to micro businesses and ad agencies. You can be an ideas person.
    (*you’re one of these people – you can discover your special kind of creativity).

This work is immediately practical. You’ll develop your own process to use  any time you need to make a change. You can refer back to your basic values and skills, then recombine them to open up new choices in life. You can change while remaining your best self.