What? You want more?

We communicate volumes through our appearance before we open our mouths, regardless of whether we think that should be the case or not.

Imagine your plumber turning up wearing a three piece suit. That would seem incongruous. Or your hairdresser or beautician looking unwashed, with scraggly hair. Would you trust them to do the job you’re paying for?

If you want to be heard and taken seriously, you need to take other people’s likely preconceptions into account. After they know, like and trust you, you can start bringing them around to different ways of thinking, or challenging their norms with what you wear or how you present.

I know this annoys people to hear, because, yes, you should be able to wear what you like and be treated equally, however we all make split-second judgements about people in the most basic part of our brain. 

As a feminist I want women to be heard and taken seriously, so their voices are heard. That doesn’t mean they should lose their identity or dress in suits (though I sometimes really like dressing in suits). It does mean being savvy enough to know how to get around the snap judgements other people make based on how we present ourselves.

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Can you be a feminist and care about how you look?
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