Colour affects your mood, how people perceive you, the connections you make with others …

I’m fascinated by communication and I see our clothing and appearance as important aspects of the way we communicate.

This radio interview with Helen Shields on ABC Local radio, on 27 February 2019, gives you some insight into how I got into this work and what I love about it.

Spoiler: I love working with people to help them to make sure that their outside reflects who they feel they are on the inside. I found the process of discovering my best colours made it easier to feel like my best self and to work out how I wanted to be perceived.

Most of my work is based around what you want to communicate, then how to do it. I can help you to say something about yourself through personal colour and style, or through working one-on-one to develop your own branding and voice in whatever you write or present to the world.

Are you perceived the way you want to be?
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