Hello! I’m Suzy Cooper. I live in Hobart, Australia, and work with clever people who want to come out from behind themselves and find the personal style that expresses who they are.

As a professional communicator who’s had a rich and varied work-life, I’ve uncovered some useful ways to help my clients avoid their inner critic, identify their values and how they want to be seen, and then to act accordingly.








I use my background in science, design and communication to apply logic to the area of personal appearance. I work with people who want some guidelines to allow them to forge a new relationship with their bodies and use their appearance for pleasure and to show the world who they are.

We communicate all the time: with how we look, what we wear, how we move, what we say and how we write. What are you saying without even opening your mouth?

Why am I doing this work?

I started this work to solve my own problem. When I moved from the mining industry to working in an office environment I just didn’t know what to wear or how to present my ideas so I was heard and valued. I didn’t know how to make my exterior match who I felt I was on the inside. I also found that I wasn’t using my best skills – I was doing what other people valued, which made them happy and made me unhappy.

It took me a long time to realise that being creative wasn’t about being a flibbertigibbet. When I realised that my ability to see possibilities, to combine ideas from everywhere and to turn on a dime didn’t come easily to everyone else

Communication and creativity have been the basis of my varied work-life – albeit in many different guises. I’ve worked as a technical writer, business process analyst, stand-up comedian, writer, editor, alderman on a city council, tutor for a course on entrepreneurship, director of a communications company, graphic designer and a change manager.

I also run a corporate communications business called Sidecar Studio that helps businesses to talk about tricky, technical or scientific subjects in plain English.

Who uses my services?

  • A business consultant who needed to upgrade her personal style, find some fabulous work outfits. (Bonus: we used her most flattering colours for her personal branding, so what she wore for her professional headshots coordinated with her website design, business cards etc. She and her branding look fantastic.)
  • A technology company owner who wanted snappy, compelling words for his online profiles. (Bonus: I provided the art direction for his new headshots, to show him at his quirky best.)
  • An engineer trying to make a career change and looking for a way to identify and promote her skills so she can do what she loves in a brand new industry. (Bonus: I came up with her new business name and coached her on how to make new contacts in a way that suited her introverted nature without painful networking.)A guy who recently moved to Hobart and wanted advice on what to wear for his new job. Suits are expensive, so he sensibly wanted to get one that makes him look amazing. (Bonus: I linked him to organisations he might like to join and suggested some cool places to hang out so he has a head-start on a great social life here.)
  • A woman who wanted to find her own kind of creativity. I taught her how to sketch and write in a way that allowed her to build a creative journal. She then branched into stitching and textiles (and found a new partner – though I can’t take credit for that!)

Are there ‘rules’?

Over the years I read, listened to, attended, paid for, thought about and looked for ‘rules’. I’ve ended up combining all I’ve learned to help people individually to come up with their own useful guidelines, based on knowing themselves better. We’ll make you ‘rules’ that work for you, to simplify your choices.

Then, if you’re a rule-breaker, you can have relish breaking them. Your own way.

Want to work with me?

If you’re ready to find your own sense of style and be seen as yourself, to identify how to use your skills in different ways for a more satisfying work-life, to find your own ways of writing, drawing or speaking to express yourself – or all of these things – I’d love to hear from you.

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