Can’t decide what you want? Or perhaps you want to try a little of everything, with complete freedom to start and finish whenever you like?

Smorgasbord is a skills development program that lets you try a little of all kinds of things so you can get writing without committing to a particular genre or style.


This program is for you if you:

  • have trouble admitting that you want to write
  • keep promising yourself you’ll make time to write, but not doing it
  • aren’t sure what kind of writing you want to try – or even what’s possible
  • want your writing to be fun, without pressure.
  • had bad experiences at school or with someone who told you that writing wasn’t for you.

The results you’ll achieve:

  • writing every single day, even when you think it’s impossible
  • trying different kinds of writing you’d possibly never considered – potentially finding some new talents
  • the chance to get over a lot of your inbuilt resistances and criticisms by cleverly working around them
  • the opportunity to try a range of tools so you can uncover all kinds of options that work for you
  • having fun with words
  • really owning the name, ‘writer’
  • a keen appetite to keep on writing.


Email: and let me know you want to be the first to know when Smorgasbord is launched.