You’re a writer. Whether you’re ready to accept that or not, you know it’s true. How do you know? Because the hunger to write is gnawing at you regardless of your insecurities, inner and outer voices of opposition, and that creeping suspicion you might be going bonkers.

How can you find your unique writing voice? How can you get yourself writing regularly, see your work improve, find your own best tools and locations and stimuli and develop your abilities to generate brilliant new ideas easily?

Write Now is an intensive program that allows you to start at the level you’re ready for.

Together we’ll clear your obstacles, discover your best ways of working and get you producing the kind of writing you’ll be amazed to realise has been inside you all along.

Choose the Write Now program that fits your appetite

Write Now menu

Smorgasbord – this is the program for people who want to try many different kinds of writing. Four weeks of achievable bites: self-guided exercises that have you writing a small amount daily, with longer weekend sessions. You’ll sample all kinds of genres, try some incredibly powerful techniques and set up an excellent framework so you can keep improving as you make writing a regular part of your life. If you like variety and want writing to be fun, this one’s for you. Learn more >>

Main course – coming soon. This program caters to writers who have some experience and who want help to find or hone their voice. Perhaps you want to try something new. You’ll work on weekly exercises and get positive and helpful feedback from a professional writer. If you want to get unblocked, develop new ways to motivate yourself, learn how to spark new ideas and experiment with various genres so you’re producing more writing of higher quality, now’s the time to work with me.

Banquet – Do you have a big project you’ve been dreaming about? Or one that’s stalled? Or do you know someone who’s always wanted to write and has been waiting for that ‘one day’ that never comes? I offer intensive and fully supported coaching and editing and cheering services to a limited number of people each year. We develop their project to a point where they are clear about their main idea, they develop their unique writing voice, do a range of enjoyable exercises to keep the juices flowing and have regular email and Skype conversations with me to keep on improving and writing.