Reinvent yourself – move from stuck to stupendous

Long-haired child jumping on skateboard going down a rampGet personally or professionally unstuck (without doing anything risky). Have you been putting other people first for so long that you’ve lost your mojo? Do you want to find your own kind of cool and uncover a meaningful life direction? Are you scared that you’re fading? Do you want to cultivate a Take-Charge work demeanour?

I’m the Mistress of Reinvention and I can help you to stop waiting and jump into a life you love. Together we can find your best look, your bearings, your voice and your people.

I’m not interested in airy-fairy self-help – I’ll be your honest, practical and supportive co-conspirator and help you to find your own way through whatever you’re finding the most challenging. It’s highly likely you already have everything you need and you just need some help to reassess and reassemble yourself.

I’ll share what I’ve learned in eighteen years of personal reinvention and in working with all kinds of professional people who were feeling jaded, faded or stuck. I’m a writer, editor, speaker, designer, stylist – former scientist, corporate communicator and someone who has frequently deconstructed and reconstructed my work-life to combine as many of my interests as possible.

If you’d like to know more about how to look, sound and feel like the most attractive and vital version of yourself– and have a lot of laughs along the way – please get in touch.

Suzy Cooper

Find your best colours

Have you always envied people who look put-together? It’s a myth that some people just ‘have it’ and others … well, don’t. You can work with what you have – your natural colouring and features – to reinvent your appearance

Guidebook to yourself

Get unstuck with a guidebook to yourself. Take your bearings with some sessions with me: Suzy, the Mistress of Reinvention. We’ll have some fun, insightful conversations and I’ll create you a personalised guidebook that helps you to see what makes

Write Now

You’re a writer, but you’re not writing. Does that sound like you? Or you’ve always wanted to write ‘one day’? You’re exactly the kind of person I’ve developed Write Now to help. Write Now is an intensive program that starts