Colour outside the lines – reinvent yourself your own way

Which palette is yours? Get your colours done here in Hobart to find which of these 18 palettes works best for you, to bring out the best of your hair and skin and eyes, with or without dye or makeup. See for yourself which palette looks best and take your own swatches with you to make shopping and getting dressed easier.

Your appearance speaks before you do. The colours you choose and things you wear tell people something about you within a fraction of a second. Is your appearance representing the real you? Do you like to change your looks and style in a playful or fluid way? Regardless, it feels good to dress intentionally and feel like your outside reflects who you are inside.

While we’re talking about colour, are you feeling personally or professionally lacklustre? I can help you to get unstuck, find your own kind of cool and reinvent a life direction that feels good to you.

The other factor in communicating authentically is the words you use. If you’d love to find your voice through writing, I’m here to help Write Now.

I’m not interested in airy-fairy self-help – I’ll be your honest, practical and supportive co-conspirator and help you to find your own way of stepping up and living life in full colour.

I’ll share what I’ve learned in eighteen years of personal reinvention and in working with all kinds of professional people who were feeling jaded, faded or stuck. I’m a writer, editor, speaker, designer, stylist – former scientist, corporate communicator and someone who frequently deconstructs and reconstructs my work-life to combine as many of my interests as possible.

If you’d like to know more about how to look, sound and feel like the most attractive and vital version of yourself– and have a lot of laughs along the way – please get in touch.

Suzy Cooper

The colour analysis experience with Suzy was eye-opening and fun! I learned so much with your support and artistic wisdom. As a busy mum and entrepreneur I wanted to look like the best version of myself, with the least effort. A huge bonus is that I can now use my signature colours for my marketing materials. Thanks, Suzy!

Thank you! I went shopping with my new focus and had fun doing it. I found it easy to decide whether to look at things or not. It was great to feel more objective.

three fanned-out colour palettes against a colourful silk scarf

Find your best colours

Reinvent yourself in full colour. Get your colours done to find which of my 18 palettes works with your natural colouring and features to make you look healthy and energised, with or without makeup. A personal draping session will show

About Suzy

  Hello! I’m Suzy Cooper. I’m the Mistress of Reinvention and I’d love to be your co-conspirator of creative mayhem. I enjoy helping people to reinvent themselves using what they already have – the looks they have, the skills and