Creativity can be learned.

I’m here to encourage people to find their own kind of creativity. What kinds of people? Well, the ones who’ve always yearned to draw or write or dance, the ones who feel happy down to their boots when they see a wall of colour samples – but who somehow learned that they’re not creative. The people who like some rules or guidelines to get them started, before they take off on their own. The ones who need a bit of permission.

I know, because I was that person too.

Listen to your creative longings. Take tiny steps towards them and life will open up. 

You’re a clever person. You’ve learned lots of things. You can learn how to uncover your own kind of creativity – at a level that feels comfortable and wonderful for you.

Maybe you’re like many of my clients who are pretty smart and can work lots of things out, but felt left out when it came to creativity. They bought books about colour or drawing or style, but never really ‘got it’. Most of us remember scarring judgements from art teachers or family or friends that might have made us think we should leave the making side of things to other people – people who are somehow innately talented.

Your discouraging inner voice isn’t special, isn’t correct and it isn’t actually capable of stopping you from making a vibrant, colourful and wonderful creative life.

I spend time talking to people who tend to be over-thinkers – since I’ve spent most of my life being one of those – about sidelining their inner voice(s) and leading a more luscious kind of life.

I work with people in different ways, on things like:

  • finding your voice through sketching and writing: this is drawing for non-drawers and writing for non-writers, helping you to ignore your critical inner voice by learning to really see what’s around you, and inside your brain.
  • colour and style: cultivate your sense of style, beginning with finding your best colours, so you can find your own formula to confidently choose clothes and accessories and show up as your most vibrant, memorable self (or quietly as your most credible self, if you prefer).
  • developing your personal brand: if you’re the face of your business I’ll help you to find the most comfortable way to present yourself and find your writing and speaking voice so you come across as credible and memorable.

Suzy Cooper walking up stairs in a flowing teal shirt, surrounded by rust-coloured walls

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