Style can be learned.

You’re a clever person. You’ve learned lots of things.

Maybe you’re like many of my clients who are blessed in the brains department but who never felt comfortable with how they looked or what they wore?

When you show up as yourself – when your insides and outsides are aligned – people respond. You’re congruent and comfortable. People get a sense of what you’re about you before you open your mouth. And they remember you afterwards.

Find your own kind of cool and let your personal style speak volumes (even if you’re an introvert).

I can help you to discover your own kind of style and learn to feel comfortable with how you look and what you wear.

I offer personal attention with:

  • colour and style: cultivate your sense of style, beginning with finding your best colours, so you can find your own formula to confidently choose clothes and accessories and show up as your most vibrant, memorable self (or quietly as your most credible self, if you prefer).
  • developing your personal brand: if you’re the face of your business I’ll help you to find the most comfortable way to present yourself and find your writing and speaking voice so you come across as credible and memorable.

Suzy Cooper walking up stairs in a flowing teal shirt, surrounded by rust-coloured walls

Our bodies aren’t just machines or vehicles for carrying their brains around. They’re where we live. They are us. They speak when we don’t. They have the capacity for joy and sensations and connection. And they most definitely send out signals to the people around us. You can be in charge of what your appearance says – and enjoy the pleasure of being in your skin and feeling the congruence of your insides matching your outsides.

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