Suzy Cooper holding coffee cupHello there. Are you going through a period of change? Or are you desperate for a change?

I work with people who want some caring, no-nonsense, creative support to help them to get their bearings, or to find their voice through writing.

Handbook to yourself

Do you feel adrift and sometimes rudderless in life?

Some of my co-conspirators (as I call the people I work with) say they’ve done lots of introspection but feel like they can’t bring themselves into focus. They lose themselves easily in their workplace or relationships.

Spend some sessions with me and let me listen through your words and write you into being. You’ll receive something unique – something that will bring you back to yourself: a handbook to yourself.

Want to know more? Drop me an email and I’ll send you more information about how it works: suzy@suzycooper.com.au

Write right now with the Write Now program

Yes, you can write, you do have time, yes, people would be interested in what you have to say, and no, you don’t need three months in a forest cabin to do it properly. As a writer and editor, I can tell you that you can write, you can do it right now, and it can be a lot of fun. Sorry if that ruins the angsty vibe some writers are expecting. OK, you can have some angst, but only if you keep it on the page.

I’ve designed the Write Now program especially for people who have writerly longings – a deep literary itch they can’t scratch. Does that sound like you? You want to write, no matter whether it makes sense or not.

Whether you just want to play with words and write regularly, or you have a writing project you need some intensive help to finish, I’ll help you to find your unique voice and express it. Read more about Write Now right now.

Sidecar Studio cat in motorcycle helmetBusiness communication for humans

I also do corporate communications through my bolt-on communications business, Sidecar Studio. I specialise in simplifying tricky or technical subjects so they can be understood by the average person or your board of directors. I also do visual facilitation using the Bikablo method, to make meetings or workshops interesting and extremely productive by capturing what everyone is saying in words and pictures.