Suzy Cooper holding coffee cupHello, I’m Suzy Cooper. I’m on a mission to get as many thinkers as possible to find their voices through writing, so we can all come out from behind ourselves and generate some creative mayhem.

Do you want to write?

Do you also have a bunch of fears or justifications about why it’s a dumb idea, you’re a faker, no-one would be interested in what you have to say, you’re not even clear about what you want to say, and besides which, you really need three months in a cabin in the forest to really do it?

Why not do it anyway? Write Now.

I’ve designed the Write Now series of programs especially for people who have writerly longings, a deep itch they can’t scratch, recurring thoughts, a growing niggle that can’t be ignored – they want to write, no matter whether it makes sense or not. Whether you want a taste, a light meal or a full banquet of writing help and inspiration, I’ve got a program to suit.

Let me be your creative co-conspirator so you can reinvent yourself as the writer you want to be, find your unique voice and express it.

Sidecar Studio cat in motorcycle helmetIf you’re interested in what I can do for people in business, my corporate website Sidecar Studio has more information. I specialise in simplifying tricky or technical subjects so they can be understood by the average person or your board of directors.

I also provide corporate coaching to teach you and your team to write business documents while still sounding like a human being. If you want to improve your communication skills, write fewer documents and finish them faster, attend fewer meetings, avoid getting bogged down in inefficient emails and generally have more satisfying conversations in all areas of your life, I’m here to help.